I, AM YOU.                                                     

Banana Lily is a passion project originated by a woman of color for progressive women who embrace the uniqueness of their individuality. This line is a language whose meaning and symbolism is defined by the combination of shades, textures and lines that tell a far more richer story than any collection of words. I design exclusive wardrobe essentials meant to add a little color, originality, and innovation to any hustle and flow.

Who am I

I,  am the descendant of movers and shakers...of those phenomenal women who required no validation and took up space.

I, am the innovators, pioneers, artists, scholars, game changers, risk takers and rule breakers… the ones who wear orange with our pinks, plaids with our stripes and white after Labor Day.

I, am the “nasty” women who make power moves everyday—living boldly and UNAPOLOGETICALLY without any hesitation.

I, am YOU.