WE, ARE YOU.                                                     

Banana Lily is a passion project originated by a woman of color for women who love color. I wanted to create handbags for progressive women of color that highlights how beautiful pigments look against our melanin rich skin.Out of this desire, the DAK|TARI (Swahili for “doctor”) handbag was created. 

Color is a language whose meaning and symbolism occurs on an individual, cultural and universal level. The visuals of our shades and hues are able to tell a far more richer story than any collection of words. So, whether it’s in vibrant, vivid colors or in classic black and white— we encourage women, without any apprehension, to express themselves. 

Simply put, Banana Lily is designed for doers who explore in color. Whether you’re earning that second degree, running a company, or just trying to make it to happy hour after a long day, DAK|TARI was made to add a little color to your hustle and flow.

Who are WE

WE,  are the descendants of movers and shakers...of those phenomenal women who required no validation and took up space.

WE, are the innovators, pioneers, artists, scholars, game changers, risk takers and rule breakers… the ones who wear orange with our pinks, plaids with our stripes and white after Labor Day.

WE, are the “nasty” women who make power moves everyday—living boldly and UNAPOLOGETICALLY in color without any hesitation.

WE, are YOU.